More songs have been written about Memphis than another city in the world. Why? Memphis’s music has moved hearts and inspired minds around the world.  Let’s celebrate!

Around the world, Memphis means music. Memphis Means Music Month is a celebration by Memphians through their businesses, churches, schools, retail shops and restaurants. The week promotes our city’s greatness through our common cultural bond – Memphis Music.  Join us in October for Memphis Means Music Month by planning programming that celebrates Memphis music or attend one of the many special events held during the month.

Memphis Means Music Month Goals:

  • Bring diverse segments of the community together
  • Offer sectors outside of the entertainment industry an opportunity to celebrate Memphis as a cultural capital
  • Encourage conversation about music’s role in the  city’s economic  development
  • Encourage and promote Memphis’s contemporary musical talent
  • Pay tribute to Memphis’s musical legacy
  • Improve the overall community spirit

Click here for a full calendar of Memphis Means Music Month events.

Click here for a list of ideas on how you, your company, group or neighborhood can participate.