I honestly don’t know anything about the music business, and I have no idea what to do with my music. Can the Resource Center help me?
Yes, that is exactly our mission. We are here to help artists figure out what they want to do and how to do it, as well as provide space and resources to work with, wherever they are in their career. We have both print and computer-based educational resources, office resources (i.e. fax and long-distance phone service), web-design software, a Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation, and a knowledgeable staff to help you with a variety of music business topics (including copyrights, publishing, touring and promotion, web-based social networking, and e-commerce).

I am a veteran/experienced artist or small music business owner, and I want to know if there is anything at the Resource Center for me?
Yes, in addition to serving beginner and intermediates getting started in the Music business, we also want to serve the needs of more experienced members of our music community. Add your business contact information to our directory so that we can refer potential customers to you, as well as have you listed in a search-able database. We also have a collection of information on new music marketing technology and websites, digital distribution, other digital aggregators, and e-commerce – you know all those sites on the internet that seem to offer the same thing– yeah, we’re going through them and separating the good from the bad. In addition, we will have workshops on various topics ranging from production, touring, and promotion to legal and accounting that may be of interest to you.

• Are there membership fees or charges for some of your services?
All services offered by the Resource Center are free. We are investing in the future of Memphis music and our goal is economic success for the music community. All you need to do is fill out a membership card and profile sheet. These forms help us to know who you are as an artist/businessperson, what your goals are for your career, and how to best keep you informed of the Center’s upcoming events.

When can I come to the Resource Center?
Anytime we are open. Our regular hours are 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday though Friday. You are welcome to come by anytime, but we recommend you call and schedule an appointment if you would like to meet with a specific person or use specific software.

Can the Resource Center make a website or a Facebook page for me?
We can show you different techniques and styles, give you advice, and help you make it yourself. Our role at the Resource Center is one of education and advice.

Will the Resource Center critique my music?
We exist to help you further your music career, not judge your music. We will work with you at whatever stage in your career you’re at, regardless of your genre or skill level. We are trying to help you reach and expand your audience.

Is the Resource Center like a free manager, lawyer, recording studio, and booking agent?
We can provide you with the resources to learn about the roles and responsibilities managers, lawyers, recording studios and booking agents and give you consultation. We also have contact lists to put you in touch with local managers, lawyers, booking agents, etc.

Can I use your Pro Tools software to record my demo?
Our Pro Tools rig is intended as an educational tool. We will have tutorials on Pro Tools and can show you the basics, and you are welcome to play around with our rig to get a feel for the program. We are also planning workshops to help you get better acquainted with Pro Tools. However, expertise in recording and engineering is beneficial to capture the best studio sounds.

I have questions about things like record contracts, publishing, copyrights, e-commerce and web marketing. Can you answer them?
Yes. We have created documents explaining the basics of everything from press kits to performance rights organizations. These are very important but often confusing aspects of having a successful music career, and we have spent much time researching and familiarizing ourselves with these issues. We want to make sure you understand these issues so you will not get taken advantage of as an artist or business.

Is the Music Foundation the same as the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission?
No, both organizations look to further Memphis music. The Music Foundation is a 501(c)3 economic development, non-profit organization. The business community provided some of our start-up funding and some additional funding for programs. Our mission is to be an educational and support mechanism for the local music community of Memphis, primarily through its Music Resource Center. The Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission is a government entity consisting of over 20 members that are appointed by both the Memphis city mayor and Shelby County mayor. The mission of the Music Commission is also economic development, specifically in the music industry, in Memphis.

Is the Resource Center like a free FedEx Kinko’s?
In some ways…We provide faxing, long-distance phone service, Internet, and limited copying, as well as free notary services. We do not offer shipping services. You can use the Center for limited printing like a webpage or a demo flyer, but for any extensive printing we can refer you to a professional printer.

Can I bring in promotional materials for my band? Will you distribute them for me?

We have counter space and a bulletin board for you to leave promotional items and hang up posters/flyers. We support Memphis music as a whole. We hope you will use our space to promote your music. We can also provide you with information on area street teams or marketing agents.

I’m not familiar with much of your software. Can I still use the Center’s computers?
Yes. You are welcome to use our computers for tasks like using the Internet, checking email, or typing a Word document. We also have tutorials for our more specialized software and will help you learn to use it. We are not the Geek Squad, but hopefully we can answer most of your questions.