What MRC Members Are Saying…

The Memphis Music Resource Center membership is open to anyone in the music industry in Memphis. Membership is free and it has its privileges, from access to in-house resources and member-only educational and networking events to personalized consultations on advancing your career or increased awareness of your business for moneymaking opportunities.

“The Memphis Music Resource Center is a great place to learn about the business of music. The music business is complex, and you have to educate yourself about it. I wish that a place with so much under one roof had been around when I got started. Go there. Learn.” — Charlie Mars, Oxford

“I walked into the Memphis Music Foundation for the first time with a few songs, but what I left with was the beginning of a relationship that would help me take a few songs and turn it into a business. I already knew how to write a song, but I didn’t know how to market my material, put my foot in important doors, make an album, distribute it, and get my name out there–how to take it from a hobby to a career. All of these things I have now achieved through the MMF, and I don’t know where I would be without them. MMF loves Memphis music, and Memphis music loves the MMF.” — Faith Evans Ruch, Memphis Singer/Songwriter

“Memphis Music Foundation has proven to be a major resource to Heavy Eyes and many other musicians in Memphis. Whether we were planning a tour, reviewing branding strategies, PR or music licensing, MMF acted as an influential part of the decision making process.” –- Eric Garcia of Heavy Eyes, Memphis Rock Group

“The Music Resource Center is a great new spot for Memphis bands to learn how to effectively promote their music in a technologically evolving marketplace. The MRC is a great, musician-friendly location to find out what other Memphis bands and Memphis music businesses are doing in the industry.” — Sherman Wilmott, Director, Shangri-La Projects

“Someone actually cares about us!” — Alicja Trout, Vocalist River City Tanlines

“God blesses through people. The Memphis Music Foundation proves my theory on this music business being about relationships. Music Resource Center director Cameron Mann connected the dots between me and Archer Malmo and Memphis Pro Audio, which has turned into a prosperous relationship and true “win-win” for all parties involved… Thanks” — Kinfolk Kia Shine, Memphis Hip Hop Artist

“If you are an independent musician/recording artist, having the right information can be the difference between success and failure. The Memphis Music Foundation has that information plus many other resources and incredibly, it is free for the asking. All it takes is motivation on the artist’s behalf to take advantage of it.” — Paul Speer, GRAMMY nominated Video Producer

“What’s not to love about the MRC? They have information and resources it would take forever to compile, and technology it would take a mint to acquire. And it’s all at our (the members) fingertips. Add to that an energetic and passionate staff and you have a musician’s oasis in this often challenging field.” — Kim Richardson, Singer/ Songwriter

“The Music Resource Center is the galvanizing force that we have been waiting for to work for musicians and local music businesses in Memphis – use this place!” — Phillip Beasley, Memphis Songwriters Association